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Ministries Builders is based in Houston and Dallas, TX.
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Our Ministry Building Blocks

01 Website

Online Church

In today's world, the live stream is a necessity for ministry to reach the world. To help spread the gospel to the world, we at ministry builders realized that an afford simple solution is vital for our organization.

02 Online broadcasting

Live Stream

Affordable low-cost Live Stream service for any size ministry.

03 Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Managing social media is a key to any Ministry that is trying to reach the masses. For most Ministries, the world of social media is a hard one to grasp and take advantage of the hundreds of millions of users. Ministry Builders can help glide your organization down the path of social media success.<br />

04 Technology

I.T., Donation and Mobile App

At the core of all Technology is your Ministry your IT. IT is what connects your ministry to the world. IT is what your staff uses to communicate with each other and do work. We at Ministry Builders no how to build out your IT so that your ministry technology is world class internally and externally.

05 The Web

Website Design and Maintenance

Your website is the front door and welcome mate to your MInistry for the world. Many churches try to design and maintain their site due to cost, but this can lead to a stale site that drives users away from your ministry. Without a web expert, a website can be lost in the end sea of sites on the web. We at MInistry builder understand hiring a whole time web design is very experienced, so we have greatly reduced the cost to build and maintain sites. Ministry Builders focus on building sites that fit your budget and drive traffic to your site.

06 publishing and royalty

Digital Publishing and Royalty Collections of Sermon and Original Worship

Are you a Preacher/Pastor or write gospel songs, then you have the right to collect royalties for your copyright works. As ministries transition from CD and DVD to digital media, having a partner with a background in publishing and royalty is key to generating revenue for your copyrighted materials. Ministries Builders will help you publish your content on Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify, and anywhere else your music is played.

Our Awesome Work

Nothing more assuring than working with a partner that has a history of success.

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