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Embedded vs. Online Church

The number one question we get from ministries is which online experience is best for their ministry.   All online ministries streaming options can be divided into two categories: onsite and offsite live stream feeds

An onsite live stream feeds occurs when a live broadcast is embedded directly into your site.  An offsite live stream happens when a user is redirected to a site like Facebook or any other site that is not owned by your ministry.


An onsite live stream is the best option for any ministry that is trying to grow their online ministry.

Every church should have this as their primary solution.  Having an onsite live stream means your online broadcaster is embedded or hosted on your own website.  Since the live stream broadcaster is embedded in your organization site all user traffic will be attributed and added to your site overall traffic.   The key reason to implement onsite streaming is the increased amount of traffic it sends to your site.   The amount of traffic directed to your site is the most important factor in raising your rank on Google, increasing your online membership, and raising donations.

Offsite streaming options like 316 Media and Stream faith offer broadcasters that are external to your site.  Users will be redirected to the external site to watch your live stream.  This means all the traffic from your organization live stream is not be attributed your site google ranking.

Having live stream traffic attributed to your site is very important.  Our analysis of top ministry across America shows that users who visit ministries sites spend most of their time watching video on demand or live stream.  Additionally, a website that has an onsite live stream broadcaster out ranked ministry of similar or larger size on a consistent basis.

Why is improving your Google ranking is important?

Google is the number one search engine in the world and when people need to find something on the Web Google is the undisputed leader.

An offsite stream can be useful but drives traffic away from your site, if not utilized correctly.  An example of an offsite stream is Facebook or 316 media.  Both Facebook and 316 media direct your users to a third-party URL that is not under your control.  When a user is sent to a third-party URL, your site does not receive any of the statistical improvements in google ranking like an onsite live stream.