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Ministries Builders is based in Houston and Dallas, TX.
2750 Clay Street
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Ministries Builders is an IT firm with the singular goal of providing world-class IT solutions to a religious organization at a destructive low price.

To achieve this vision, we employ top talent from across the world.  Our firm IT consultants are subject matter experts in IT infrastructure, Web Design, and Social Media Development.  Most religious organizations are unable to budget to hire all three of the subject matter experts mentioned above.  Ministries Builders has resolved the financial strain of employing these three type of professional by allowing companies to hire these experts as consultants.  For less than the cost of employing one of these experts, a church can have all three of these experts working for them to push their Ministry forward.


Our company is focused on delivering technology that connects religious organizations with millennials.  Millennials are the nation largest population by age.  Many organizations struggle with meeting the needs of this age group, but Ministries Builders can help!

Reaching young adults require a strong understanding of technology.  Millennials spend more time on their mobile devices than watching TV or even communicating with other people.  Apps and Web sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reach hundred of thousand millennials every day.  Developing an organizational campaign, which utilizes these platforms is key to the success of your organization when it comes to young adults.

Our company can not only help your organization to market on all the platforms millennials use daily but also stand out from other organizations online. To properly promote online requires keen business sense, coding abilities, analytical analysis of web-based statistics and a strong marketing background. Ministries Builders IT consultants possess all these traits and more.

Our marketing consultants have been educated at top-tier schools and ran large campaigns for business entities and social personalities with millions of followers. Additionally, we have work with companies that only had thousands of followers. We can handle any size organization.